Pasture Care board  $350/month         

Includes:  Use of indoor and outdoor arenas.  Turn out in a field (some with Run In Sheds).  Hay is fed in the winter to all field horses and is paid for in the board throughout the year.



Self Care $400/month (Pasture with a Stall) 

Includes: a stall and space in a field with 4-6horses and deworming.

 Owner provides own bedding, feed, and labor.  You may purchase feed, bedding or hay from the farm at an additional fee.  Having farm employees provide chores for you is also available at an additional charge ($3-$5 per chore).  Paddock turn out is available for an additional $30/per horse/month



Full Care board $570/month                            

Includes:  Use of the indoor and outdoor arena.  A stall in one of our three barns (cleaned daily), space for tack and equipment.  Turn out in a large field with 4-6 other horses, or for an additional charge turn out in a paddock with 1-2 other horses ($30/horse).    We feed grass hay in the stalls and in the fields as needed.  Your board also includes Hallway Feeds.  Deworming and Blanket/fly mask changes (within reason) are also provided